Discovering How a Piece of Mail Changed 7 Lives


Direct mail has taken a hit in recent years and as a result there has been a significant decline in the use of this traditional communication channel. Even though there has been a gold rush of dollars invested into emerging digital channels, direct mail still has an important role to play in the marketing mix.

If you take a quick glance at the marketing landscape, it looks as if digital has replaced traditional channels, but look below the surface and mail is still widely used by modern marketers.  Despite its old age, mail continues to innovate and adapt. Particularly with the advent of Personalised URLs (PURLs) – mail still has got a lot to offer.

 “If you use PURLs as an online component, your mail piece should be more engaging and interactive, meaning people won’t dismiss it so quickly. The key is to get people’s attention and engaged with your product, once you’ve figured out how to do that, everything else falls into place,” explains Dylan Taylor, Managing Partner of BMF Advertising.

Mail however is only one communication tool that will influence how people consider or choose your brand. “People build the idea of a brand in their head like a bird builds a nest, taking a twig from here and from there – it may not be complete,” he says.

In order to be successful at retaining and winning customers, marketers need to have a clear marketing strategy that represents their company’s brand across multiple channels. “If you use direct mail as a complimentary component in your strategy you will end up with a more successful and fulfilling campaign, depending on the group you aim to communicate with,” notes Taylor.

It’s no secret that modern customers have a short attention span and in an era where people spend no more than three seconds in determining whether they like something or not, it is vital to make your mail and marketing messages stand out. The advice from a senior marketer is as clear as blue skies. “Do something stimulating, interesting and above all do something creative that people can engage with. The worst thing you can do is to be dull,” says Taylor.

Dylan Taylor will be presenting “Discovering how a piece of mail changed 7 lives” at the ADMA Integrated Mail Marketing Seminar in Brisbane (22 March) Melbourne (29 March) and Sydney (27 March). For more information about the event and to register please click here.

This article was developed by ADMA’s Event Program Manager, Linda Hausken


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