How Does Our Brain Really Function? Are You Left or Right Sided?

The brain is made up of two parts: the right and the left hemisphere.

Researchers, during the 60’s, concluded that the left side of the brain operates the right part of the body, and the right side of the brain the left one. But these studies had a much meaningful conclusion: each cerebral hemisphere produces its own thoughts, stores its own memories and creates specific operating models, fundamentally different from each other.


Are You Left or Right Sided?

From these tests, the scientists formulated the theory of the two hemispheres. Each person “owns” a cerebral “dominant” that influences both the personality and the character. The left side of the brain is exactly like typical scientist: it uses words to define, to describe, it even uses words while thinking. A left side person usually uses words to think, being capable of working with symbols.

The main procedure used by a person with the left side dominating is logical sequential analysis. The person is able to organize the activity in time, but lacks of a spatial analysis. That person uses reason to pull conclusions based of facts, on rational deductions. It uses numbers, being able to see cause-effect relations very easy.

A left-sided person will try to find perfectly reasonable explanations for everything, and the inability to do so can be a weakness for this person. This man also prefers algebra and calculus instead of geometry, because of the bad spatial perception. The right hemisphere, although, makes the artist from each of us come out. This individual will think in images, sounds and emotions, being able to see and analyze the chromatic part of things. He may have an excellent spatial perception, but a very bad timing. This party will prefer geometry instead of algebra, having in mind the excellent spatial orientation.

Considering these aspects, we can’t say that a hemisphere is better than the other just because the dominant of the brain indicates the type of the personality . A person that can use both hemispheres at high-capacity is proved to be a very intelligent one, with the IQ rate of 140 or more.


To test our brain ability to use both hemispheres, we can use a well-known optical illusion:

spinning woman optical illusion Our Brain, the Ultimate Computing Machine


It is very important to watch in the first 30 seconds the woman spinning. The direction in which she spins provides us many useful information, starting with the dominating brain hemisphere. If you see the woman spinning left, then your dominant is the left side. If you see her spinning right, then you are a right-sided person.

A very small amount of persons is able to see the woman spinning in both directions. These persons, as I said earlier, have high IQ rates and are able to voluntarily bring the brain parts work at a close functioning capacity. Even if these persons are able to see her spinning in both directions, the dominant part is still given by the first 30 seconds. If the movement alternates involuntarily, then you show an unexplored brain capacity, a native capacity that helps you use both sides.

This ability must be explored and amplified at very high rates.

How Does Our Brain Really Function?

Let’s think a little at patients who suffered hemispherectomies (removing a part or an entire brain hemisphere). After removing the brain part, the patient didn’t feel any changes in the conscious field. This leaves us with more questions than answers. How can the human brain function with a hemisphere only? Which is then, the maximum that the human brain can reach? How is possible for persons with only half a brain to be able to have the same sensations and perceptions? These questions are still unanswered, but we hope that in the nearest future, we will have our answers.






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