Pingram: New Social Networking Site Combines Pinterest And Instagram


You just know all about Instagram and Pinterest. Now they  have had a lovechild, and its name is Pingram. Fans of the parent apps can rejoice, as the new site allows photos to beviewed in the same way one can browse through pins on Pinterest.



The creator of the hybrid, Italian web developer Gennaro Varriale,  that he got the idea for “a simple way to share Instagram photos with a clean interface, similar to Pinterest inside a vanity url page.” Varriale combined the functionality of both sites by adding an Instagram-esque feed of the top photos of the moment, as well as the ability to pin pictures to Pinterest directly from the site.


Photo-sharing sites are topping some of the most well-known social media outlets in terms of referral traffic and popularity. Pinterest recently overtook Twitter in referral traffic, with more people sharing and clicking links to other sites on Pinterest. Instagram was recently valued at $500 million and was named iPhone app of the year by Apple last year.


According to a recent Pew study, 80 percent of online teens are using Facebook, MySpace and other sites. About 93 percent of online teens have a Facebook account, making it the dominant social media site among youth. The number of Twitter users has doubled over the last two years, with 16 percent of online teens now using the site. In total, 59 percent of teen social media users have an account on just one site, while 41 percent have accounts on multiple sites.


Are you excited for Pingram, or do think that Instagram and Pinterest are better left on their own? Tell us in the comments below or tweet at @i_lab14!


2 comments on “Pingram: New Social Networking Site Combines Pinterest And Instagram

  1. Marianne says:

    Oh, so cool!:D Just had to try it asap – Looks very nice!

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