Computing Future Synapse

March 21st, 2012 By GloriaSt

The spread of computer technology and a global network of people got a new level of adverse communication in almost all situations, including daily, with the help of various devises, such as PCs and smart phones, etc. The goal is to make computer technology a routine part of life, and devise as convenient and  omfortable for most people as possible. Computers and telecommunications are already giving us access to large amounts of information This is increasing our brain power, just as steam engines increased our muscle power. As computers become more powerful they will grow more intelligent There seems no reason why machines should not become more intelligent than people in the future. Computers will start to design and build other computers.

The Synapse is a mixed use future computing device that uses the design language of Japanese electronics major Fujitsu and presents very innovative way of using electronic personal gadgets indeed. Synapse brings mind control to electronics and computing which is safe for use by anyone over the age of 12. The device can be used to store vital IDs like credit cards info, driver’s license and passport info that would be kept safe by a security system. Since the device covers the whole ear, it cancels out the noise in high decibel environments like traffic jams, helipads, construction sites, etc. and allows the user to listen to a caller’s voice clearly and comfortably. The same system allows the Synapse to be used as a brilliant simulation system that brings videos, images and sounds to life and turns entertainment on the go into a vivid and powerful experience.
Designer A. Deniz


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