Will PieceFoto Make You An Artist?

Piece Foto brings the well-known historical artist, Picasso, to the App Store. Well, sort of. I mean PieceFoto rhymes with Picasso, right? Nevermind.

In PieceFoto, you can crop areas of any picture into squares and rectangles to dismember the original version. With these cropped and shuffled pieces, you can apply different colors and a dozen filters to them to completely distort the picture in an artistic way. Also, you can add text to any picture and select from nine different font styles to really spice things up.

Using the app, I observed that black and white portraits look the best with these effects. When too much is going on in the original picture, it makes it hard to see the effects added while using the app. Keep it simple!

The interface is pretty straightforward. You can use a picture from your photo album or take a new picture with the camera. There is also a section to bring up several other apps created by the developer that can be purchased for later use.

Once your picture is in place, you tap to select the cropped area and adjust the size. Then you are given the ability to add the effects. Make sure to mix up the shapes and sizes to give it a wild techno feel.

This app is too basic for the price and it crashed three times in a 30 minute span. Kids would have a good time with this app, but there are many wiser alternatives for photo editing. If it was free, I might keep it in a folder, but for now I’ll stay with my other editing apps.


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