Handheld device “Pulse”

“Pulse” is a hand-held device incorporating social robotics to personalize, enrich, and include haptic design to improve the user’s communication experiences. This is achieved through the characteristic “shape-shifting” of the device in response to how it is used, as well as the status, or the state of its contents.  Pulse has a flexible outer skin, which is silicon based. It comes incorporated with various sensors like accelerometers, proximity sensors, pressure sensors plus light and ambient sensors that give the hand held gadget required qualities. The flexible transparent AMOLED screen has multi-touch functions and has a very clear display. It can be connected with other devices via Bluetooth, cloud computing and near field communication. Pulse can easily bend around the hand, which gives a feel as if someone is holding the user’s hand. The intensity of the grasp is sensed by the presence of force sensors present on the side of the design, which in turn decides the tightness of the grasp.


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