What is The Future of Paper?

This week’s poll question is: What Is The Future Of Paper?
If you’ve ever watched even one sci-fi movie as a kid, you’ve been waiting ever since for those flying cars and a life without paper. In reality, paper still has a strong hold on our society, although….. it’s quickly diminishing. Many people choose to forego paper bills entirely, and pay everything online. E-readers have also had quite an impact in the short time they’ve been around, and more and more people are leaving paper books behind. So is paper going to disappear soon, just like in the movies, or is all this just a drop in the ocean of paper, which will stay with us forever?

If you think paper will disappear in time, vote for the answer which states the closest number of years. Don’t forget to share in the comments exactly why you think paper will stay or disappear, and what would be the substitutes.


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