Back to the past: TOP 10 Best invention of 1980s

Things were invented and therefore we are able to enjoy them.  We don’t think we even stop to think about what these inventions are because it has become an innate part of our daily lives. Let’s try and focus on the inventions of the 1980s. There were many significant innovations and inventions of the 1980’s .

We choose TOP 10

1. SPACE SHUTTLE– The first american space shuttle named columbia was launched on april12th 1981. The space journey lasted 54 hours and 21 minutes and was man controlled.

2. CD/ COMPACT DISC– Sony and phillips joined forces to come up with this one. It may seem like a simple invention but go try using cassette tapes and you will respect cds all the more.

3) The INTERNET Because of the relatively short time since its birth, the importance of the Internet has still not been fully realized. Starting as several separate communication networks in the 1970′s and 1980′s, what we call the ‘Net is now coalescing into a single mass of all information to which any connected computer has access. No longer is information limited by location, and no longer is it only available the privileged few who can afford it. Imagine my surprise when my research uncovered the fact that it can be used for things other than porn.

4. DISPOSABLE CAMERA– In the old days you had to buy film every time you took pictures but with this little camera you had a ready made camera loaded with film.

5. APPLE MCINTOSH– An amazing company a true leader in pcs. Now they have ipads, ipods, and iphones. When it all began they were perfecting desk tops.

6. HEPATITIS B VACCINE– What is there to say. Any invention that cures or treats any disease is definitely worthy of any top 10 list.Way to go.

7. MICROSOFT WINDOWS- It changed the way we used computers completely. Prior to this program being invented there was utter confusion on your computer.

8. CELLULAR PHONE  Motorola created the first mobile phone, Motorola DynaTac, in 1983. However, this device used analog communication.

9. FIRST 3D VIDEO GAME– Most games in those days were one dimensional. When 3d was brought to this game it set in motion what we now have with sony and microsoft.

10. HDTV- HIGH DEFINITION TV- What is so great about this invention is that it set all tv manufacturers in motion to improve and seek perfection.

A few more from the 1980s









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