Reward Volunteers motivate people to volunteer

Reward Volunteers had a mission: motivate people to volunteer time to their favorite charities. Twin Engine Labs designed and developed a free iPhone app to do just that. Users can sign up to donate their time to various charitable organizations and are rewarded with chances to win prizes. Charities can also use the app to become involved and spread the word to volunteers.

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Do you work for a non-profit organization that benefits from the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers? Click here to learn how to embed the Reward Volunteers widget directly on your organization’s website and encourage your volunteers to earn chances to win!

“Reach” points are the credits received for logging and sharing volunteer activity — more Reach equals more chances to win. This gamification style is a win-win for both parties: People are inclined to do more good, and organizations still benefit from the volunteer work and more.

Each month, volunteers are selected to win prizes ranging from a gift certificate to a vacation for four. To be eligible to win a $3,000 donation, organizations must be a U.S. 501(c)3 organization.

Although the app is fairly new, launching a little over a month ago, the co-founders say they are seeing steady expansion as organizations become familiar with Reward Volunteers. In less than one month, 6,000 volunteer hours have been donated at 300 organizations.

Could you see yourself using this social tool to keep track and share your volunteer hours? Let us know in the comments.


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