Kymera Body Board: Waves or No this Board Rocks!

Boats can be a lot of fun, but they are also expensive, high-maintenance, and hard to tow and store. That’s the reason Jason Woods invented a motor-powered body board called the Kymera Body Board.

The body board is 6 feet long, weighs about 30 pounds and is propelled by a small engine and jet pump.

“It’s a cross between a boogie board and jet ski,” Woods said. The name “Kymera” is inspired by the mythological creature and a type of deep-water shark, he said.

Once a boat owner himself, Woods said after he bought his boat, he realized what’s involved in boating — including buying a trailer, gas and a place to store it.

“Pretty quickly, I found out that there was a lot more to it than just going up to the lake and having a good time,” Woods said.

Woods eventually sold his boat and traded his truck for a compact sport vehicle.

On another trip to the lake, it dawned on Woods that there were a lot of people there in the same situation that he was.

They wanted to be on the water, but “They either couldn’t afford or didn’t want the hassle associated with owning a boat,” he said.

He saw an opportunity for a new kind of watercraft product.

How It Works: Motorized Body Board: A two-stroke gas engine drives a lightweight, high-volume jet pump, which expels water to create thrust and which diverts a small amount of water to cool the engine. The Kymera displaces less than an inch of water and travels up to 15 mph.


2 comments on “Kymera Body Board: Waves or No this Board Rocks!

  1. D says:

    Sooo,here we are July 1st 2012 and still no Kymera bodyboard :(. The concept is really cool, but doest seem like it will be a reality for this summer. Can Jason confirm this or no?

  2. Jason says:

    Sadly there is no middle ground with this product it has to go full scale, mass production in order to get the price down where it needs to be.

    As you can see we are making real progress on performance but it has to be perfect before the tooling can be produced.

    I wont rest until its available, in the mean time thank you for your support!

    Jason Woods

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