Smart Kitchen of Future!

The Italian company Toncelli, a native of Tuscany, suddenly seems to have conceived the dream of many, turning it into a reality . This is a conceptual kitchen Prisma, which introduced Toncelli, which is managed by the authors conceived, carried out using the built-tablet Galaxy Tab. Prisma kitchen set consists of a main table with a built-in interactive Tablet PC Samsung Galaxy.  Future technology Smart Kitchen of future


Table top is made of black glass and anodized aluminum. The red trim is in sharp contrast with the color of the main table. Handles all the boxes are made invisible. All items of food can be easily moved in its sole discretion, including a large refrigerator. Prisma includes everything necessary, one can only imagine the modern kitchen. All recipes are at your fingertips, thus, can not be afraid to drop the gadget, or fill it with something. Stand on the tablet can be moved across the surface of the table for your convenience. Management of all devices is carried out by Galaxy Tab. I want to stir a pot of water? Tell me about this Tab, and so on. With the Tab, you can not only manage, but also display an image on the screen, for example, the recipe of a dish. In general, the kitchen is a dream of a modern man. Future technology Smart Kitchen of futureFuture technology Smart Kitchen of future  Future technology Smart Kitchen of future


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