Focus on a TEAM [ Together Everyone Achieves More ] CPX Group

Today we want to focus on a important, international Team for new digital communication and trends development.

The CPX Group, founded in 2005, is a forum in which the world’s leading multi-channel communicators meet to consider topics relating to the advancement and perfection of the industrial inkjet.

CPX Group (Color Process eXperience eXchange) is a consortium of 10 pioneer companies with representation from Japan (Iseto), France (DATA ONE), the Unite States (DST Output), the United Kingdom (IOS), Spain (Servinform), Italy (Leaderform), Morocco (Tragem), Thailand (T.K.S. SIAM PRESS), Israel (Bèeri Print) and Finland (Hansaprint), who are leaders in high speed digital inkjet and multi-channel print communications.

Members of the CPX Group annually produce about 30 billion process color pages using high speed inkjet technology on white continuous feed paper stock and over 300 digital color presses (ADF workflow and direct marketing).

The association organizes regular annual meetings to review best practices, review strategic developments and promote inter company cooperation.


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