Facebook inserts ‘listen’ button on musicians’ pages

The social-networking giant makes it easier for users to listen to songs by their favorite artists directly from the musicians’ fan pages.

The ways to listen to music on Facebook continue to grow. The social network launched a “listen” button on music artists’ pages today.

On the top right corner between the “like” and “message” buttons on musicians’ fan pages, users can click “listen” and be guided to songs on any of the music streaming services the user has signed up for, such as Spotify and Rdio.

This is different than the “listen with” buttonsusers can click when they see what their friends are listening too; those buttons were created by streaming services for Open Graph’s Timeline apps. Facebook’s new “listen” button only appears on artists’ pages and not on a centralized place on the site. 

Over the past year, the social-networking giant has been rolling out new and different ways for users to listen to music, which seems like it will only maximize people’s visits to the site and lengthen the amount of time they stay on it.



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