iScrivito, the app that allows you to reach your contact worlwide

Reaching you contacts is easy now, with yous smartphone send real postcards! Take a photo or pull it from your collection, frame it, write your message and sign it….we’ll take care of sending it!

Why use iScrivito?

  • It’s an enjoyable way to share photos of a trip or a holiday
  • You can create exclusive greetings cards for the most important occasions (birthdays, Saint Valentine’s day, anniversaries)
  • You can send original thank-you notes using special photos
  • To send a postcard is a gesture which is much more than just an email


  •  Take a photo or import one from an existing photo library Zoom and rotate the photo with a single gesture
  • Use the frames to frame the photo Write your message in block letters or italics, vertically or horizontally
  • Add your graphometric signature in your chosen colour
  • Select the address from the address book of your telephone or write it manually
  • Check before sending Sent in Italy in 2-3 working days. In other countries this requires a little extra according to the local postal service
  • Share your photos on Facebook if you want
  • With the geo-location function, you can print your exact position and the date on which you sent the postcard if you want
  • You can send eCards

Send your postcard with only one credit which costs € 1,48

Buy new credits via PayPal or Credit Card for the following prices:

✤ 1 credit= € 1,48 + VAT

✤ 5 credits = € 5,92 + VAT (1 free credit)

✤ 10 credits =€ 11,84 + VAT (2 free credits)


  • rubber
  • recently activity panel
  • landscape orientation for the entire app


Football Club Frames are available

Available on iTunes Store and Google Play Market.


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