Jeans made with transparent pockets save you the trouble of pulling out your phone

ll handset owners have had to live through the scenario where they need to access their phone to get a quick look at the time or check the score of that big game. Whatever the reason, you need to take your phone out of your jeans pocket where it is stuffed in with a shoe horn, and what a hassle that is! And if you’re watching something that changes often like an NBA game or the stock market, it means continuously reaching for the phone.  Continue reading


London 2012: Olympic Games portal opens on Facebook

The section features dedicated pages for athletes and sports, including a complete timeline history of the competition since the 1800s.

The IOC said the portal would create a “social media stadium”. Continue reading

Pixar’s “Brave” New World

With “Brave,” the hit-making studio broke new ground in the way it animated flowing hair, fur, clothing, and water. And it invented new software to make it all happen.

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How Social Content Attracts and Engages More Customers

When you think of content optimization, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Do you think of keywords, links and search engines?

Or do you focus on useful content, interesting articles, engaged audiences and happy customers?

If you’re in the second camp, you’re clearly familiar with “the big picture” of optimization. But if you’re in the first camp, then stick around—sounds like you need a new perspective!

The most important thing we learned from the Google Panda updates in 2011 is that search engines are really serious about improving search quality and user experience.

Since then, the priority for site owners has been to create original, interesting and sharable content that attracts links from other sites.

Lee Odden has written his first book titled, Optimize: How to Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. In the book, he takes a holistic approach to content and search optimization and proposes that companies should consider all of the digital assets, data and content they have to work with in order to make both customers and search engines happy.

Here’s what you need to know about the book.

What to Expect

At 223 pages, the book is divided into three Phases.

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Do You Have Social Media Kred?

So you have a Linkedin account, a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. Maybe you check in to your gym or the place you have lunch on Foursquare, post videos on YouTube and try your best to figure out how to fit Google Plus into the mix. In short, you’re doing what people like me have been urging you to do — you’re engaged in social media conversation. Congratulations. Now, what do you know about your social standing? Do you have Kred? Do you have Klout? Continue reading

Apple talks up Facebook integration for iOS 6

After years of being at odds, the two technology juggernauts are finally working together. Continue reading

Android Mini pc

Android mini pc

There must be something in the water in in hardware-designer land. Small is en vogue, it seems, and to say we’ve been intrigued about this latest twist on diminutive form factors would be an understatement. So far, Android has largely (though not exclusively) kept itself firmly in the palms of our hands. But, increasingly it is popping up in places we never even thought about. For the uninitiated, that thing above — the Chinese-made MK802 — is a complete “mini PC” that’s about the size of a USB flash drive or card reader. It has a 1.5GHz Allwinner processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of onboard flash storage. You can get at these internals via two USB ports (which can also power the device,) and pump the result out to a display via HDMI. If that 4GB of memory isn’t enough, you can expand it via a microSD slot. All good and well, but what would you do with such a thing? Plenty is the answer. This not only makes any HDMI display a PC, it also ushers in a new type of portability. Bring your Netflix over to a friend’s house without needing your phone, or never worry about using public PCs again. All of these niche uses give the MK802, and its kind, lots of potential. But what is it like in real life? Shimmy past the break to find out. Continue reading