Do You Have Social Media Kred?

So you have a Linkedin account, a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. Maybe you check in to your gym or the place you have lunch on Foursquare, post videos on YouTube and try your best to figure out how to fit Google Plus into the mix. In short, you’re doing what people like me have been urging you to do — you’re engaged in social media conversation. Congratulations. Now, what do you know about your social standing? Do you have Kred? Do you have Klout? Continue reading


LinkedIn buys presentation-sharing site SlideShare

Business-networking giant also announces that its first-quarter profits more than doubled over the first quarter of 2011. Continue reading

And What would we do Without Internet?

“Think to yourself. What would you do without the Internet for a day, or a week or… forever?  How would you get on? … Keep in mind that if we didn’t have internet, you wouldn’t be reading me right now”

Imagine a world without the Internet. Today, we’re so intertwined socially, financially and industrially that suddenly going back to the 1980s would hit the world as hard as a natural disaster, experts say.  Continue reading

Life without Social Media: Better or Bitter?

Author Manu Priya

In recent years, we’re witnessing the explosive growth of the social media and it has certainly shifted the way we connect. Exchanging information between people has developed into more effective means, and communication happens in a jiffy. Whether you’re using social media for personal and or business purposes, by now, you might have a clear idea about it’s enormous impact on your life.

The question now, however, is — is it possible to live with no social media action even for a day? Will it be better or bitter?

Continue reading blends the personal, professional you online, which brings together all of a person’s social-media content, is launching a mobile app. SmartPlanet visits its San Francisco offices to get a first look. Continue reading