Leaked video shows ‘real’ iPhone 5

This is either the best fake ever or it’s real footage of the iPhone 5 booting up alongside an iPhone 4. Continue reading


iPad prototype had bigger screen, was a full inch thick

According to new images leaked onto the Web, the so-called 035 iPad prototype, which dates back almost a decade, was a huge machine. Continue reading

Flipboard Launches Android Beta

Flipboard on Samsung Galaxy s3

Android owners rejoice: social newsreading app Flipboard is headed your way. The company opened up a private beta program for Android phones Wednesday.

To sign up, head on over to flipboard.com/android. Flipboard will email you instructions so you can set up the beta version on your phone.

As rumored, Flipboard for Android will first become available on Samsung Galaxy S III devices, which are expected to arrive in the U.S. any week now.
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Mark Zuckerberg gets married at surprise wedding

Fewer than 100 people arrived at the Facebook CEO’s Palo Alto, Calif., home Saturday thinking they were there for his girlfriend’s graduation celebration. Instead, the two shared their vows.

By almost any standard, Mark Zuckerberg has had a week to remember. Yesterday, he started his day off by ringing the Nasdaq bell and taking his social-networking company public, raising $16 billion in the process. Earlier in the week, his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan graduated from medical school. And today, just for good measure, the two shocked a bunch of friends and family with a surprise wedding in the Facebook CEO’s backyard.

A look at Zuckerberg’s Facebook page reveals that he is now “Married to Priscilla Chan.” That was not the case yesterday, the day that the company went public in a spectacularly hyped IPO that may have ended up a bit of a dud.

“Zuckerberg and 27-year-old Priscilla Chan tied the knot at a small ceremony at his Palo Alto, Calif., home, capping a busy week for the couple,” a guest authorized to speak for the couple told the Associated Press. “The person spoke only on the condition of anonymity.”

The AP reported that the guests had been under the impression they had been called together to celebrate Chan’s graduation. After they arrived, they found out that the event was, in fact, a wedding ceremony.

“Everybody was shocked,” the guest told the Associated Press.

Facebook IPO: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Yet

Facebook IPO breakdown

Everyone’s talking about the Facebook IPO — and for good reason.

Facebook is currently valued at around $100 billion, though it made less than $4 billion in revenue last year. Still, if the social network with more than 901 million users plays its cards right, it could be the world’s first $1 trillion company by 2014. Continue reading

Virgin Atlantic allows in-flight calls (six at a time)

Passengers flying with Virgin Atlantic from London to New York will soon be able to make in-flight phone calls using their personal mobile devices.

Only six people will be allowed to talk at once, and phones will still have to be turned off at take-off and landing.

By the end of 2012, the service could be available on at least 20 planes, the company has said. Continue reading

ET: The chances of finding alien life

With new “Earth-like” planets being discovered every week, our space columnist Richard Hollingham asks whether it has increased our chances of finding intelligent alien life. Continue reading