How Amazon is changing the rules for books and movies

The online retail giant is tapping its huge customer base and vast technical underpinnings to reshape the way books, movies, and television programs are made. Continue reading


Owning a Different Type of Conversation

Many organisations still think in the product is king/solution-selling way; a belief that should not be the focus for a marketer. It’s an unfortunate fact though that no-matter what organisation you look at, customer-centric over product centric thinking is rarely present; even in the social realm many organisations are still focused on themselves.

 “No-one’s interested in your marketing. As soon as you realise that, you understand how hard you have to work to get their attention – especially when they’re in a social situation, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Draw Something. You must engage, be relevant – say something interesting”, according to Creative Director and ADMA Copywriting Education Tutor, Jon MaximContinue reading

JoeyBra: The Perfect Under-the-Shoulder Smartphone Holder? [VIDEO]

A night out dancing is always so much better when you don’t have to hang on to a clunky purse.

College girls want to avoid carrying items to parties at all costs. Two Washington college students have created a Continue reading

Iris Tablet – concept a transparent tablet

Technique of the Future – a unique tablet, which, unlike his other colleagues are not trying to be a laptop in the new form. Concept Iris Tablet – a personality, a gadget with its functions and a new view of the world. The main difference between this model, of course, in a transparent screen, which opportunities are very wide. For example, imagine that you hit the road: got into the car, including GPS-navigator. With the future of the tablet from Fujitsu, you can see the direction of the path is not on screen and on the ground. That is, take a look at the street through a transparent Iris Tablet, and it will draw you to the arrow direction of the path straight on the road!  Continue reading

Wherever you go, this app follows you

New app Placeme, available on iPhone and Android phones, tracks movement of a person and also records time spent at every location

BANGALORE, INDIA: Well, if the Internet has magically vanished the meaning of anonymity, this new app Placememakes you feel the world is a tiny place as it stealthily tracks your every movement. It has a sort of negated the need for those suspicious spouses planning to hire a spy to keep tab on their better halves.

Sounds creepy isn’t it? Continue reading

To Pin, or Not to Pin: Joining the Pinterest Phenomenon

The concept of Pinterest is easy to grasp; it works as a social pin board where you share your pictures with the masses. An simple concept that is scarily effective. Far from just another photo/video sharing website, Pinterest is growing in popularity as the hottest new social network; currently sitting at #5 on Hitwise’s list of the top 10 social networks in the US- ahead of LinkedIn and Google+ – and in the past few months, more and more people are commenting on how to capatalise on this new social phenomenon.

According to ComScore, Pinterest attracted 17.8 million visitors by the month of March; an increase of 50% from the previous month. The site has become one of the fastest growing sites in Web history and has become a real contender in the social realm. And as with any new social network that sprouts, marketers wonder; “how can I use it for marketing?”

So what Opportunities are Out There for Marketers? Continue reading

Room Facebook Timeline Cover: Free Download

This week’s freebie is an editable timeline cover for Facebook.  This design is a fully layered .psd file, just open it up in Photoshop, add your own photos to the frames, save and uploaded to your profile. You can even choose a colour and pattern for the wall paper background.

And for experienced Photoshop users, everything in this file is editable (even the plant!) so you can get creative Continue reading